Ho Chi Minh City lack of waste management

 Ho Chi Minh City is suffering a long term pandemic problem of littering and population not treating waste properly: the topic is one of the most reported by international visitors to town - waste all over.

All marketing efforts the authorities are spending, are dilapidated by the images of rest of plastic, non properly disposed garbage and regular no-citizens care shown along new pedestrian streets, canals and rivers all over the city.

Just a day after newly opened areas (Bach Dang park, Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, Bui Vien night street among many others) are open to public, large quantities of empty plastic drinks, bags, cooking oils on floors add negative impact to a long list, damaging grass, tiles and rest of expensive equipment.

At MQL Sustainable Tourism Services, we do offer solutions, we do continuously work with educational presentations, support universities and talks at national & international level...but there is a huge chunk of citizens who do keep damaging the city image daily (from vendors, to visitors, to locals, to foreigners, to migrants...).

Solutions as usual for authorities reading us:

➡ Strict fines to polluters and increase amounts if re-incidents happen
➡ Implement education campaigns to adults and middle aged (kids seems to understand but not parents and rest of citizens)
➡ Increase number of dustbins and waste containers (non-existent out of central district 1 is just a sample)
➡ Proper public & private sector collection, recycling process and circular economy strict application

We are many aiming to live in a cleaner Ho Chi Minh City, in a more better environment and to show to all visitors how great is Saigon: we should not be cleaning behind the irresponsible ones polluting daily without care and legal action upon them.



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