MQL Sustainable Tourism Services reported by Vietcetera - Should Vietnam "hidden gems" be kept hidden from tourists?

  Should Vietnam’s ‘Hidden Gems’ Be Kept Hidden From Tourists? Many parts of Vietnam remain unexplored by tourists and investors. These hidden gems — serene, beautiful, unspoilt — have a long way to go before they get developed for tourism. But, should they? Agnes Alpuerto Breathtaking view of rice paddies and wooden bridge in Pu Luong, Vietnam. | Source: Shutterstock Many foreign travelers find Vietnam an exciting destination to discover a new culture and explore places unique to this part of the world. From Halong Bay’s astonishing limestone monolithic islands to Hoi An’s old-world charm, Vietnam offers travelers gratifying experiences for their bucket lists. But for more thrill away from the bustling crowds and a more intimate connection with nature,  off-the-beaten-path destinations  exude a distinct appeal. “Off-the-beaten-path can literally be understood as remote areas or out of the classic destinations,” said Do Phuong, founder of  Slow Travel Hue  and a former product manager

Vietnamese sustainability to be improved

  Vietnam’s link to sustainability must keep increasing for the benefit of the country itself, its citizens and visitors alike. Tourism impact in ways of construction, development, communities engagement must be full-filling environmental and circular conomy protocols, no room for ignorance anymore. Green tourism is a type of tourism that operates in a way that minimises the impact on the environment, making a positive contribution to biodiversity protection, using renewable energy and promoting natural and cultural heritage, and developing environmentally friendly products. In today’s world, we do move towards regenerative tourism, making the destinations visited much better than when we did arrive there, the way togo without doubt. More details on below link at VNS. https://lnkd.in/deJWR-eh

Tourism statistics globally

Most visited countries in the world during 2021: + France 58,700,000 visits + Spain 57,200,000 visits + Italy 56,500,000 visits + USA 45,300,000 visits As a reference to compare a Southeast Asian country, Thailand is in 13th position with 21,700,000. Curious to see that the four leading destinations had been leading since 1998, plenty of experience & know-how to learn on tourism from such expertise. Font: Gozhda Statistics https://www.linkedin.com/posts/activity-6975715781904912384-b3Xz?utm_source=post_nba&utm_medium=member_desktop&utm_campaign=copy

New event organised by MQL Sustainable Tourism Services and partner

 New event organised by MQL Sustainable Tourism Services and the European Sustainable Hospitality Club next month of October. mar. 25 oct. | Online Event  Hotel Operations & Sustainability  RSVP Time & Location 25 oct., 15:00 – 15:50 Online Event  RSVP Share This Event https://www.eshclub.com/event-details/hotel-operations-sustainability

MQL Sustainable Tourism Services training courses going live

      Training Courses delivery to companies & universities     MQL Sustainable Tourism Services is a Vietnamese based company and had been providing trainings and management improving courses during last two decades in Vietnam linked to several domestic and international institutions.   Our practical approach in our courses is based on the tourism & hospitality industry needs, as had been observing deficiencies during years. Regular talks with owners and general managers helping us to re-define our courses.   Supporting different areas of our sector starts sharing our philosophy to future leaders, today’s students are the ones which must be ready to support our actual companies in the coming years.   Hence our abiity to link what the hotels, resorts, travel agencies, flight companies are working at the present with the student’s absortion of skills, on the job training and real case scenarios in different departments.   Our programs are tailor made for every customer, meaning

Vietnamese graduated professionals do not wish to return to Vietnam

One of the big human resources crisis Vietnam is facing these days and affecting many sectors is the lack of manpower within the country. Many locations along are in need of professionals, managers, decision-makers and also fresh graduates, which are now finding a different labor market and recruitment process. In an article published by TTN, over 100.000 Vietnamese are sent abroad to study at a cost of over USD 1,4 billion but many of them refuse to return and bring value back to Vietnam. The solutions were proposed to the different ministries in Vietnam, including a linkage between Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labor-Invalids-Social Affairs and Ministry of Culture-Sports-Tourism on promoting a mid-long term better education system, an upgrade of old school materials which represent and outdated put on scene among several other ignored points. Results are present and more details in below article for your reference. Vice-chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee

Phu Quoc island in Southern Vietnam getting worse on waste management

Phu Quoc island in Southern Vietnamese Kien Giang province is another of the destinations facing a huge waste control absence for years. While real estate developers and hospitality management companies keep building and operating dozens of properties, zero waste solutions of any kind had been in place. Dirty beaches on each side of the island, no waste water controls and zero solid waste recycling programs in place are just some of the reality in the island. Huge landfills found with barefoot kids and old grandpas collect items between flies and lamentable conditions. Solutions had been offered for years without any public or private sector care at all: circularity of products, recycling plants, procurement ethical principles from end users & visitors must bring regenerative tourism to  #PhuQuoc , otherwise  #Vietnam  keep losing once again. Never too late to make a better Vietnam. https://tuoitrenews.vn/news/society/20220816/waste-treatment-on-vietnams-phu-quoc-island-raises-conc