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No waste management in Hoa Binh, North Vietnam, similar case scenario in many other Vietnamese provinces

Question of prioritising waste management in Hoa Binh province, Northern Vietnam, the same topic repeated in all rest of provinces along the country. Pictures of un-treated waste, piles of landfills and garbage not entering the circular economy are just impactful. Meanwhile we do consider Hoa Binh as one of the iconic green tourism destinations in Vietnam. Time to tackle it or to delay the correct waste management procedures countrywide, our help and many colleagues in the sector is on the table for public sector to benefit from... https://www.linkedin.com/posts/activity-7007584870826721280-jRr3?utm_source=post_nba&utm_medium=member_desktop&utm_campaign=copy

MQL delivering hospitality & sustainability trainings at RMIT and SECC

During two separate sessions, the team were delivering interesting sessions at two different locations in Ho Chi Minh City. Master post graduate students at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology were attending a sharing on sustainable reports, accountancy and industry implementation. Interesting questions, analysis and outcomes from this future leaders do warranty a great future collaboration. Thank you for teacher Samuel and the International Business Department for inviting us again to share knowledge and add value to our leaders. The event at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center was lead by the Restaurant Association of Vietnam, an interesting outcome linked to industry researchers and to business leaders who do bring the sector forward. A large attendance at the event, including international branded General Managers, several business owners and investors, plus a list of entrepreneurs who did wish to add value to their own operations with the speakers content. MQL Sustainable

How sustainability in your hotel in Vietnam can help make the country better

Picture credit: Rosa Maria Martorell  Miquel Àngel Tourism & Sustainability support * mqlsustainability.com 50 articles How your hotel can bring change and add value to Vietnam is key, according to United Nations the emergency time is already here. Several considerations about hotels in Vietnam: single-use plastic users, water use often 8 times more than local community, direct & indirect bio-diversity or global emissions are just few of the topics you can support in. Been recently talking to dozens of owners, general managers from both domestic and international brands in several destinations in Vietnam, most of them understand the importance of being sustainable, the ones who do not reply to change are left behind and customers know the topic well too. New generations are linked to environmental protection and to eco-think much more than you expect. Tips for you to add value: + Cut your food waste (we can help on you on service side with several solutions, re-selecting your o

MQL Sustainable Tourism Services at Asia Food & Beverage Summit 2022

You are still on time to attend the Asia Food and Beverage Summit 2022 if you are in Ho Chi Minh City today. Pleasure to be part of the below list of experts in the sector, providing Human Resources & Sustainable solutions to the sector in our presentation.

Ho Chi Minh City center preservation

Ba Son shipyard was an iconic part of Ho Chi Minh City in the past, playing a key role on Saigon river life and goods supply to the city. To preserve an enhance the central riverside area, to provide additional services to citizens, to open the city center to the river are now in hands of the Ministry of culture, Sports and Tourism. Hope many of the sustainable planners, environmental concerned designers and green architectural firms you do get engaged in making this corner an icon for visitors and locals alike. To restore and keep our history alive is also part and identity of a destination: samples like Barcelona or Girona old quarter preservation can illustrate, among many others. Details in link below for reference. https://english.thesaigontimes.vn/hcmc-wants-to-restore-historic-ba-son-shipyard/