How sustainability in your hotel in Vietnam can help make the country better

Picture credit: Rosa Maria Martorell
Picture credit: Rosa Maria Martorell 
Miquel Àngel
Tourism & Sustainability support *

How your hotel can bring change and add value to Vietnam is key, according to United Nations the emergency time is already here.

Several considerations about hotels in Vietnam: single-use plastic users, water use often 8 times more than local community, direct & indirect bio-diversity or global emissions are just few of the topics you can support in.

Been recently talking to dozens of owners, general managers from both domestic and international brands in several destinations in Vietnam, most of them understand the importance of being sustainable, the ones who do not reply to change are left behind and customers know the topic well too. New generations are linked to environmental protection and to eco-think much more than you expect.

Tips for you to add value:

+ Cut your food waste (we can help on you on service side with several solutions, re-selecting your organic waste to re-invest in your garden areas). This will also cut your cost in the next year budget. Circularity as its best is on you.

+ Revamp your hotel to a paper-less one: the old days are history and your operations does not need paper anymore. Electronic transmissions and e-invoices are ready in Vietnam and you can adjust yourself and your team to the daily use.

+ Reduction of water use (real samples as shower pressure reduction, laundry solutions or collection of rain water are just few topics we can help you with).

+ Energy saving and efficiency applications (solar solutions, organic waste treatment options or saving power aid are on your side).

+ Reduce your plastic use (treating all your plastic, re-using it for new products you will use & purchase at lesser price, reusable options like glass or biodegradable packaging, we can support on you above and more solutions)

+ Buy kilometer zero products, meaning your source of products is near the area where your hotel is located: empower the local farmers, the local community will supply seasonal best options, this is a win win between you and the community where your hotel operates.

+ Engage with us in carbon neutral actions in the village, city or province where you do operate, we will be glad to help you coordinate, limit your CO2 impact and make your operations environmental friendly.

+ Support individual improvement to your team, families and customers. Anytime you do change one single person, is a multiplier effect. This person can change a friend, a partner, a customer, a family member, with it we all change and improve towards green thinking and sustainability and make Vietnam better with us.

+ Apply our staff recognition awards system from today, as your staff retention will be turned into staff long term commitment. Do not leave behind other of your competitors already applying benefits for team members, the old times of stealing your neighbor staff for 10 USD is gone and not effective anymore, you can solve your staff shortage as is in your hands.

+ Your interaction with your local leaders in your province is also key: get involved in regular support to them, helping collecting, selecting, treating what you are using and producing, as public sector does welcome your suggestions and positive value added. Several Vietnamese tourism leading provinces are showing great impact as all parties move ahead together in same direction.

From MQL Sustainable Tourism Services we do keep adding value to provincial authorities, individual family owned hotels and internationally managed properties, as well as setting countrywide aligned guidelines for your hotel & resort reduce your cost, increase your profitability and bring down your environmental impact.


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