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Vietnam investments in Laos, a shoot at your foot?

While it is good to see Vietnam as third international investor in Lao PDR, would be good to see the particular interest related to hydropower and dams construction in the neighbour country: the Mekong delta is dying due to the Chinese built plants but Vietnam also supporting several constructions. The second main interest is mining, which is also related to environmental protection, non existing sustainability plans and pure economic analysis. Shooting your own foot perhaps? Leave it open for discussion. https://www.vientianetimes.org.la/freeContent/FreeConten2023_Vietnamese10.php Vietnamese investment in Laos surges 52.5 percent The value of investment by Vietnamese companies in Laos reached US$180 million in 2022, an increase of 52.5 percent, according to a VietnamPlus report.   In the meantime, Lao companies are operating 10 investment projects worth over US$71 million in Vietnam. The figures were revealed during the two countries’ investment cooperation conference held in Vientian

Tourist destination of Sa Pa destroyed after over construction and wrong development

Tourist minorities spot of Sa Pa in Northern Vietnam had been abused for years without proper control. - Over-construction in both village center & around. - Destruction of environment. - Close to zero sustainability consideration. - Limited community involvement. - Children & street sellers topic unsolved. - Zero carrying capacity studies never applied. Sadly to observe, many potential visitors no longer interested in such spoiled destination, personally heard several returning tourists taking Sa Pa out of their plans. Neither national or provincial authorities taking any action at all, in opposite way other destinations falling on same mistakes. Sure Vietnam and all Lao Cai province residents can do better, solutions available for all topics above. https://e.vnexpress.net/news/readers-views/excitement-turns-to-frustrations-during-trip-to-sa-pa-after-20-years-4557975.html Excitement turns to frustration in Sa Pa after 20 years Aerial view of Sa Pa. Photo by Shutterstock Sloppy

Five questions for the hotel industry to ponder entering 2023

Jan Freitag With a mild recession on the horizon for 2023, hotel owners and operators are looking forward to a year when the ongoing recovery intersects with an economic slowdown. Here are five questions that will be on investors’ and managers’ minds as the hotel industry embarks on the new year. 1. Can Average Daily Rate Growth Continue or Will the Recession Stop Growth? Average Daily Rate, or ADR, in October was 15% higher than 2021 and 16.8% higher than in 2019. But can this growth continue? The STR forecast answers this question with a resounding yes. The current iteration calls for 1.7% ADR growth in 2023. Looking back over the past 24 months, the upside was strong pricing power. It became obvious quickly that room rate discounts did not induce demand so operators who stuck to their rates are now in a much better position to drive ADR. How much could a recession matter? It seems like the old adage of two consecutive quarters of GDP decline, which economic observers informally use

New year, new podcast: 8 million international arrivals to Vietnam

Podcast link below: https://vnexpress.net/du-lich-viet-nen-lam-gi-de-dat-8-trieu-khach-quoc-te-4555003.html Du lịch Việt nên làm gì để đạt 8 triệu khách quốc tế? Miễn thị thực ba tháng, mở văn phòng đại diện tại các nước... là những cách có thể ngay lập tức giúp Việt Nam gia tăng lượng khách quốc tế, theo chuyên gia. Seems by the number of comments and suggestions by listeners a good positive aim is coming this 2023. Good entrance to the new year to all our readers, associates and supporters, will keep sharing in the upcoming news and trends. MQL Sustainable Tourism Services Team