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New tourism spot in Danang: sequence of a spoilt new opportunity for Vietnam

Near central's Vietnam city of Danang a new great tourism location had been found. Thanks to social media and young sharing, the regular under water rocks now appear over showing a beautiful green moss, together with waves and open ocean offering a great spot to enjoy: a natural phenomenon attracting visitors from provinces nearby. Disappointment guaranteed for any visitor coming to the area. Sequence comes as follows: - Discovery of spot and pristine area - Massive herds of people visiting the area, pictures and social media explote - Mobile & motorbike stalls mushrooming selling plastic snacks & beverages without control - Garbage and waste is left all over the zone without any consideration - New visitors to the place observe the mess and never return to visit, publish online pictures of the all around waste and talk to their contacts on not to visit Such above points happening today in Vietnam and in many destinations, finding authorities sleeping and without taking any

Da Lat losing attractiveness as tourism spot

Da Lat in Vietnam's highlands tourism development plans, seeking approval from Lam Dong provincial authorities: - Casino in the tourist area known as "valley of love" - Move actual night "hell market" to new location - A 900 metres food station near Hoang Van Thu lake Seeing the comments on the article ("bye bye Da Lat", "another Sa Pa destroyed destination",...) seems Lam Dong province should at least listen to tourism expert planners again, love to be heard together with the many international advisors calling a proper plan ahead... https://e.vnexpress.net/news/travel/da-lat-plans-to-build-casino-to-boost-nighttime-economy-4568703.html Da Lat plans to build casino to boost nighttime economy By  Phuoc Tuan    February 9, 2023 | 08:58 pm GMT+7 The Valley of Love in Da Lat in Vietnam's Central Highlands. Photo by VnExpress/Phuoc Tuan  Authorities in Da Lat Town in the Central Highlands want to build a casino and a new night market and set