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Plans to sell 600 villas were cancelled by Hanoian authorities

  After the official announcement of several Hanoian villas for sale in old quarter of the capital, a few days later on the authorities did change their initial plan and postpone such insanity. Restoration, rehabilitation, improvement are a key part to keep the cultural identity of Hanoi capital, sure there are ways the old and the new can co-exist. Century old villas common in central Hanoi Central Nha Tho Street near Sant Joseph Cathedral in Hoan Kiem old quarter in Hanoi Hope the resolution is firm and no similar issues are considered. Recommendation from MQL Sustainability Tourism Services will be to apply a proper mid-long term restoration plan adapted to each quarter of capital Hanoi.  In several countries we did apply techniques to keep such value: from restoration limiting structural damage, to re-tile rooftops or apply colour schemes to align quarters environmental alignment in several aspects, many architectural firms (both Vietnamese and foreign firms) do excellent restorati

Hanoi plans to sell 600 century old villas

  Hanoi plans to sell 600 century-old villas in Vietnamese capital. Words like heritage preservation, historical enhancement do build a city and a country personality, when locals and foreign visitors alike travel around they enjoy the old traces, its cultural peculiarities and own building value to understand our ancestor’s traces. In cities like Girona or Barcelona (Catalonia), we kept stone-made Medieval walls, Roman main Via Augusta roads, Greek & Iberian ruins, Arab baths, Jewish quarters, Romanesque churches or a Gothic cathedral, all any visitor can enjoy today. Learning from other well preserved destinations is key. Would love to see a well preserved Hanoi and Vietnam in a sustainable way where modernity and ancient traces co-live. A better  #Vietnam  is possible. #learning   #travel   #sustainable   #like   #love   #building   #heritage https://e.vnexpress.net/news/news/hanoi-sells-600-century-old-villas-for-funding-4452840.html

Leadership hospitality lessons & output summary at MQL Sustainable Tourism Services

During our executive trainings for hospitality and tourism professionals in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, we do monitor and improve several key skills and optimal situations, below several important outputs improved: Perfect employer or company does not exist - the dream of a perfect world is remote but several aspects we can improve to come closer. As managers, we do have a tendency to do what our past managers & trainers wrongly did to us, same when kids learn from parents. We should avoid copying or repeating our past history, as a great leader is hard to find unique or tested methods does matter. There is a general great memories of leaders who did help during starting periods, the ones who support & help with the aim to grow humans. One remembers well the leader who aid to avoid mistakes and have positive corrective methodology Need to listen more with the aim to fully listen, reducing listening-to-reply as much as we can. Focusing at 100% on what our execut

Vietnamese real estate & hospitaly scandal affecting human resources in Vietnam

Vietnamese real estate and hospitality scandal not only affects investors, also staff and managers losing jobs and future career plans. Two issuances by Winter Palace and three by Soleil Investment and Hotel Services worth VND2.2 trillion were used for a joint investment with Hoang Hai Phu Quoc House Investment Development Corp, whose legal representative is Dung’s son Do Hoang Viet. The research brings down another developer down, several on the thin red line too in Vietnam. #developer #humanresources #hotel #Vietnam Tan Hoang Minh: the anatomy of a bond issuance fraud - VnExpress International e.vnexpress.net