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Mekong delta and sustainability ahead

“Experts have identified Con Chim as one of the few remaining places in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta with a natural, seasonal water flow, offering a unique view into the country’s past and a possible window on the future of sustainable agriculture.” https://news-mongabay-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/news.mongabay.com/2024/01/a-mekong-island-too-tiny-for-industrial-farming-now-points-to-vietnams-future/amp/ A Mekong island too tiny for industrial farming now points to Vietnam’s future Sonal Gupta 5 days ago Farmers on Con Chim island grow rice, fish, flowers, fruit and vegetables year round on Vietnam’s southern coast. Image by Giang Pham. In the decades following the U.S. war in Vietnam, the Vietnamese government championed intensive farming methods that boosted rice harvests and turned the country into an export powerhouse. While much of the Mekong Delta was reshaped to support intensive farming, the coastal island of Con Chim was deemed too small to be worth installing the necessary dik