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MQL Sustainable Tourism Services at Mekong delta

The presentation of our MQL Sustainable Tourism Services in Dong Thap city was very successful with several committed parties attending. Dr Ha Van Sieu Director of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, the Vice-Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City and Chairman of Dong Thap province were among some of the key leaders attending, representatives from the different Mekong delta province did also share their time with such and important event (People's Committees, representatives of tourism, public and private sector alike). During the event we did have chance to learn from university research results, points of view by Mekong experts like Mr. Hue with over 30 years studying and reporting on the Southern area, plus listening to the supportive attitude from public sector on adding value to agri-tourism, to farmers and rest of the delta itself. A short video link below with most of the celebration with music and dances, a culinary event with over 200 dishes prepared with main lotus ingredie

Successful MQL Sustainable Tourism Services presentation in the Mekong

Good media coverage of our tourism technical advise in the Mekong delta. MQL Sustainable Tourism Services presentation to the Director of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Dong Thap Chairman and rest of Mekong delta provincial authorities was very successful and added value to both public and private sector. A public-private sector interaction will help the provinces to bring higher skilled manpower and to benefit farmers and rest of chain. Making society and skills better is key to deliver a much better tourism services to visitors. #tourism   #Mekong   #humanresources   #training https://english.thesaigontimes.vn/changing-mindset-for-tourism-development-in-mekong-delta/ Changing mindset for tourism development in Mekong Delta By Trung Chanh DONG THAP – The Mekong Delta has much potential for tourism development. However, Nguyen Van My, director of Lua Viet Tours, said the region must change their mindsets as well as the way of developing tourism. On the sidelines of a forum

Thu Thiem area in central Ho Chi Minh City full of waste due to no users respect

Only focused education and a proper change of mentality related to waste management can ensure Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam are a proper clean destination. Seeing the pictures below of new city area of Thu Thiem where projects are sold at thousands of usd per square meter, only show us how irresponsible the citizens are and how little every individual cares on the environment, littering and polluting without any care at all. Do not be one of them, react and convince someone near you today! A better Vietnam is possible #education   #react   #environment   #environment   #wastemanagement   #change   #projects   #HoChiMinhCity   #Vietnam HCMC residents trash, dirty Thu Thiem urban area e.vnexpress.net • 2 min read

MQL Sustainable Tourism Services visiting Hoi An landfill

  MQL Sustainable Tourism Services team had been visiting the waste landfills in Hoi An city, central Vietnam top tourism destination. The concern of huges mountains of un-treated waste of all kind continue growing, since neither authorities in charge tackle the issue and treatment, neither allow private sector support of addressing the issue. The results can be seen below, tones of dsposed waste polluting the area, the cemetery nearby, the no-solution keeps the landfill growing without control. Till today, burning and burying does not work at all, Vietnamese authorities must take action as many tourism destinations suffering the similar issue. We are glad to provide tools, partners and help to tackle and make a better Vietnam for all, locals and visitors alike. #tourism   #sustainable   #wastemanagement   #HoiAn   #Vietnam   #help   #work #team