MQL Sustainable Tourism Services in newspapers on nightlife in Vietnam

Tourism destinations do have several ratios and measures to describe visitors expenditure in their locations.

Vietnam is perceived as a cheap destination for eating, drinking and travel path, even our MQL Sustainable Tourism Services comments were more focused on the reduced entertainment options offered to tourists in the country.

Guides with full activities are nearly inexistent, a proper yearly schedule including festivals and provincial key events not available, even in Hanoi capital and huge Saigonese hub many activities not properly planned and marketed in advance, with a consequent lower attendance or impact for both residents and foreign visitors alike.

Recommendations to authorities were repeated:

✅ A yearly event plan at national level, with all provinces sharing their hits
✅ Sharing a year in advance such plans to overseas agents & potential customers
✅ A proper private-public sector marketing plan
✅ A diversified option program (families, solo traveller, couples,…) available

The tourism experts in Vietnam we continue observing not coordinated efforts by the industry, if not just individual launches (HCMC tourism department, Vietnam Airlines, Danang province,…) and many of them losing effectivity and impact from starting point…

Improving parameters will affect local business network, individual family owned operations and revert on final customer satisfaction and potential return to visit our vibrant Vietnam.


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