MQL Sustainable Tourism Services training courses going live



Training Courses delivery to companies & universities



MQL Sustainable Tourism Services is a Vietnamese based company and had been providing trainings and management improving courses during last two decades in Vietnam linked to several domestic and international institutions.


Our practical approach in our courses is based on the tourism & hospitality industry needs, as had been observing deficiencies during years. Regular talks with owners and general managers helping us to re-define our courses.


Supporting different areas of our sector starts sharing our philosophy to future leaders, today’s students are the ones which must be ready to support our actual companies in the coming years.


Hence our abiity to link what the hotels, resorts, travel agencies, flight companies are working at the present with the student’s absortion of skills, on the job training and real case scenarios in different departments.


Our programs are tailor made for every customer, meaning not two trainings or seminars are the same: acquiring deep knowledge of what our customers wish to achieve is key for us. From there we do adjust and deliver what is required leaving no room for improvement or lack of coverage.


MQL Sustainable Tourism Services team has years of multinational experience in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, our experts from Austria, Germany, Catalonia, Spain and Vietnam do add value and share deep understaning of methodologies and applications to both industry professionals and university students at different levels.


Let us know your needs to serve you better, making Vietnam better is our commitment too.




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